Red Velvet Cake

Its appearance alone is already enough to start mouth watering. Our red velvet cake is made with a subtle hint of chocolate and covered in tasty cream cheese frosting. The combination between the creamy frosting and moist cake makes for a tasty and impressive looking cake!

cm diameter
contains dairy
serves 4-6 people
L - 8 inch
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Serving Advice

This cake is best eaten at room temperature.

Keeping Advice

You can keep this cake up to 24 hours at room temperature or up to 3 days while refrigerated at 2-5 °C.

Key Ingredients

cream cheese, butter, eggs, flour, chocolate, sugar, sunflower oil, milk, cream

Cutlery Notice

Please note that our pies and cakes come standard without utensils. If you need any please order them along with your cake or pie